The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz Book Review

Hello guys!

Today I wanted to review a book I had just finished reading- The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Wizard of Oz is a classic book written in 1900 by author L. Frank Baum. Most people haven’t read the book version but seen the live action film from 1939 which starred Judy Garland as the young, female lead character- Dorothy Gale.

After watching the movie several times throughout my life and reading the book. There are a lot of similarities and differences. I don’t want to name anything because it can easily give the book away. However, you get more insight about each of the characters. In the movie, you can tell that there’s a human, dog, lion, tin-man and a scarecrow. But in the book you actually learn they’re more than just the iconic characters.

I downloaded the book on my phone for free from the app store. There are several books in the series- you can buy the book set on Amazon. The book actually isn’t very long, but there are a ton of details and I never got confused on the story itself, but I had to remember what was happening in the book when I stopped reading for the day/night.

The only tough part that could be hard to understand was the language between the 1900’s and now. It’s similar to the way Shakespeare wrote but not as confusing. The words back then are very, very similar to the ones now, so it isn’t super confusing.

The book allows the readers to see the movie in their head while reading, visualizing the story in my opinion really gives a good understanding about what’s happening in the story. I definitely recommend this book, I think it’s great for any age because it’s a story every age would love because it’s a happ story, and there aren’t any slow parts.