Frankenstein Chapter Points


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I know I haven’t been updating this blog as much as I should. It’s been the holidays and I’ve been working on my other blog  a lot more too. Today I decided I would post something new and something I haven’t done on this blog before which is chapter points!

I had just finished the novel, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley which was a wonderful book and I know that this book is what most high school English classes read. I decided I would help by giving some big points that happened in each chapters so you can get a clearer picture and you can study for a quiz or in-class project. I might miss points out, so it is best you read the novel as well. This also doesn’t include notes for the entire novel. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I am not trying to promote cheating or anything of the sorts, but this can be a study tool.

Tell me what you think and let me know if this should be a segment on this blog, now let’s begin!
Chapter 1:

  • Victor Frankenstein begins narrating, including background about his birth, childhood, telling Walton about his family.
  • Alphonse became Caroline (Victor’s Mother)’s protector after Beaufort died in poverty.
  • Victor’s mother adopts Elizabeth and takes her home to Geneva.
  • Caroline decides that Elizabeth and Victor should get married.

Chapter 2:

  • Elizabeth and Victor grow up together to be best friends.
  • Victor grows a strong friendship with schoolmate Henry Clerval.
  • Victor as a teenager becomes fascinated with mysteries of the natural world.
  • He becomes interested in natural philosophy.
  • Modern natural philosopher accompanying Frankenstein family explains the workings of electricity.

Chapter 3:

  • Victor leaves his family in Geneva to attend the university at ingolstadt.
  • Victor’s mom catches scarlet fever and dies.
  • On her deathbed, she wishes for Elizabeth and Victor to marry.
  • At the university, he finds quarters in the town and sets up a meeting with a professor of natural philosophy.

Chapter 4:

  • Victor ignores his social life, his family, and makes progress in his studies.
  • Becomes fascinated with the mystery of the creation of life, he begins studying anatomy.
  • Studies death and decay.
  • After several years, he masters all that is to be learned and discovers the secret of life.
  • He hides in his apartment and decided to begin construction of a creature.
  • He devotes hm self to the creation which means he neglects his studies, friends and family as well as his social life.
  • He soon finds himself to be lonely, obsessed and his skin becomes pale.

Chapter 5:

  • After months of labor, Victor completes his creation.
  • When the creation comes to life, the appearance horrified Victor.
  • Victor goes to another room to sleep but is haunted by nightmares about his mom and Elizabeth.
  • The next morning he sees his friend, Henry which reminded Victor of his family.
  • There is no sight of the monster in victor’s aparrment.
  • Henry gives a letter to Victor from Elizabeth.

Chapter 6:

  • The letter from Elizabeth expresses concern about Victor’s health.
  • Victor writes back, after he has recovered, he introduces Henry.
  • Victor returns to Geneva and receives a letter from his father which was dated from the day he departed.

Chapter 7:

  • On the return to the university, Victor finds a letter from his dad which said that Victor’s brother was murdered.
  • Victor departs back to Geneva. The gates have been shut so Victor spends time in the outskirts.
  • Victor walks near the spot where William’s body was found and spies on the monster lurking.
  • Victor assumes his monster killed William.

Chapter 8:

  • Justine confesses to the crime, believing that she will be gaining salvation.
  • Justine tells Elizabeth and Victor she is innocent.
  • They believe Justine’s innocence, but she gets executed.
  • Victor feels guilty because the monster he created caused he death of two members in his family.

Chapter 9:

  • Victor considers suicide but restrains himself by thinking of his father and Elizabeth.
  • Alphonse takes his children on an excursion to the family home in Belrive.
  • Victor wanders alone towards the Valley of Chamounix.
  • The beauty of scenery cheers Victor up.

Chapter 10:

  • Victor decides to travel to the summit of Montanvert hoping to revive his spirit.
  • He reaches a glacier at the top and spots a creature loping towards him.
  • He recognizes the shape of the monster.
  • The monster persuades Victor to accompany him in the cave.
  • The monster narrates the events in his life.

Chapter 11:

  • The monster tells Victor of the confusion that he felt being created.
  • The monster discovers the sensations of light, dark, hungry, cold, and thirst. He finds a fire and feels warmth.
  • In search for food, he scares an old man and proceeds to the village.
  • He discovers that he can see into a cottage through a crack in the wall and observes that there is a young man, young woman, and an old man living there.

Chapter 12:

  • The monster notices his neighbors seem unhappy, he doesn’t know why.
  • He learns the reason is that they’re in poverty because the lack of food which the monster takes.
  • He stops taking their food after he feels guilty.
  • He tries to match their sounds and the actions they perform.
  • The monster is shocked by his ugliness when he sees his reflection in the water.

Chapter 13:

  • The monster notices Felix seeming unhappy. A woman arrives in a dark dress and a veil. Her name is Sofie.
  • The monster learns to read.
  • The monster learns world history, and human society by listening to conversations.
  • The monster realizes that he is alone and deformed.
  • He also learns about the pleasures and obligstions of the family and of human relationships.

Chapter 14:

  • The monster’s constant eavesdropping allows him to reconstruct the history of his neighbors.
  • Sofie’s father, a turk was accudes of a crime and was sentenced to death.
  • Sofie was eager to marry a european man.
  • Felix, one of the neighbors successfully coordinates her father’s escape from prison, but when the plot was discovered by Felix, Agatha and De Hacey were exiled from France and stripped of their wealth.

Chapter 15:

  • The monster finds an abandoned leather satchel containing some clothes and books.
  • He brings the books back to his  hovel and begins to read.
  • He reads Paradise Lost as a factual story and finds a connection.
  • He finds some papers from Victor’s journal, understanding the horrific manor of the creation and the disgust which his creator regarded him.

Chapter 16:

  • The monster swears to revenge himself against all human beings, his creator in particular.
  • A young girl is spotted by the monster, she is on the verge of drowning.
  • The monster rescues the girl from the water.
  • The monster erupts in a rage of vengeance and strangles William to death.
  • He explained to Victor the circumstances behind William’s murder.

Chapter 17:

  • The monster tells Victor that it’s his right to have a female companion.
  • Victor refuses at first, but the monster appeals to Victor’s sense of responsibility.
  • He tells Victor that all of his evil actions have been the result of a desperate loneliness.
  • He promises to take his companion to the jungle in South America to hide.

Chapter 18:

  • Victor puts off the creation of a new, female creature.
  • He begins to have doubts about the wisdom of agreeing to the monster’s request.
  • Victor is unwilling to marry Elizabeth until he has completed his obligation of the monster.

Chapter 19:

  • Victor grows impatient to begin his work and free himself of his bond with his monster.
  • Victor urges Henry to stay in Scottish Town while Victor goes alone on a tour of Scotland.
  • Victor sets up a labratory in a small shack, Victor devotes many hours to working on his new creation.
  • He has trouble continuing his work, knowing how unsatisfying the product of his labor will be.

Chapter 20:

  • Victor thinks about what might happen after he finishes his creation. He thinks the creatures might have children.