What do you want to hear from me?

Hey everyone,

I apologize for the lack of posts on this blog because I haven’t written on it a lot, I just wanted to ask my readers about what they want to hear from me, do you want me to write reviews, or write what? Because I still like this blog and I worked really hard on this blog to make it look professional, but I get writer’s block when it comes to things to write.

I have been thinking of this blog and expand this blog to talk about more than just books. I was thinking of including DIY’s, as well as crafts or something. I do have another blog which you heard of if you’ve followed this blog, which is The Complicated Fashion (TCF).

On that blog, I write about the top trends, I review products as well as just cover the concept of Beauty and Fashion and I want to broaden this blog.

You all can tell me what you want to read if you still find this blog fun. I love to get words and feedback from you guys.

I am sorry for the lack of postings, if you guys want to check out my other blog, please go do so. I write those posts and schedule them for every Wednesday so you guys get a post weekly.

Thank you.