To Kill A Mockingbird- Book Review:

Hey guys,

I am so sorry I haven’t been on this blog a lot, I’ve been busy as it is the holiday season. Today I decided that I should give my opinion on one book I just finished reading; To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

This book is considered a classic in American Literature, and I decided to read this book for the first time just for fun and not for a class. I personally feel like I should’ve waited for one of my literary classes to discuss the book first because this book in my opinion is super hard to follow, at least for me anyways.

I don’t want hate or negativity on this blog. I want everyone to respect opinions of others, this book don’t get me wrong is really good. I respect the book and I respect Harper Lee as a writer, I just feel like maybe I didn’t capture the full concept of the book. I think Lee includes a lot of details, but I think that the book overall is a metaphor and I just didn’t catch that.

Overall I recommend this book to anyone who wants to read it, this book is really good but I feel like this is one of the books where you have to constantly pay attention to it instead of reading it every other day like I do.

This book I would say is good for any age, as long as the person is mature. Remember the book takes place in the 40’s-50’s and they do say the ‘n word’ a lot because of the time setting.

Other than that, I think this book is great for any age, just make sure if you are younger that you show this page to your parents so they know what the book contains 🙂

Anyways, thank you for reading this blog and I promise to be more active! Thank you for taking the time to visit this blog, visit the “contact us” page if you want me to discuss a certain book! All of your personal information is anonymous, I have no interest (no offense) in knowing who you are or what your age is, I just want to have more options of what to write about!

Thank you so much!


Suicide Squad Book Review

Hey guys!

I’m sorry I haven’t posted much on this blog, that’s because I was thinking of things to say on here. First, I am going to just announce that over at The Complicated Fashion (TCF) we are having a Black Friday/Holiday sale, so if you want more info on that, go check out the fashion blog! (FRIDAYSALE is the promo code to get free shipping within the U.S. Only). To buy a product, visit: The Complicated Fashion Webstore!

Now, onto the book review!

This book is an adaptation from the film, so going in, there are more similarities than differences. Most of the time the movie is based off of the book and they make several changes to fit their budget. However, for this book, there is a different order in which you’re introduced to the characters. It’s the same scenes as the movie but you get introduced to the characters in a random order.

In the movie, you learn of the back story but when Amanda Waller talks about them when assembling the squad. In the book, there’s a chapter dedicated to most of the members of the squad in which you learn who they were before being turned into the bad guys we are familiar with. The most detailed character that I remember from the first chapter was June Moon who soon became Enchantress.

If you haven’t seen the movie, I recommend you do so because it is a lot better than people make it out to be. A lot of people say that it wasn’t good and after seeing the movie several times, it is a lot better and you have to wonder why the critics and some of the public don’t like the movie.

I bought the book hard copy from Target, so if you have a Target nearby you can buy the book from there, you can also buy the book at Barnes and Noble, eBay and Amazon.

If you have seen the movie but you’re looking to read the book, the story is exactly the same (obviously) but the details in the book I think are a lot more clear than the movie. If you haven’t seen the movie but want a good book to read during this holiday season, then this book is a great one for you.



The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz Book Review

Hello guys!

Today I wanted to review a book I had just finished reading- The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Wizard of Oz is a classic book written in 1900 by author L. Frank Baum. Most people haven’t read the book version but seen the live action film from 1939 which starred Judy Garland as the young, female lead character- Dorothy Gale.

After watching the movie several times throughout my life and reading the book. There are a lot of similarities and differences. I don’t want to name anything because it can easily give the book away. However, you get more insight about each of the characters. In the movie, you can tell that there’s a human, dog, lion, tin-man and a scarecrow. But in the book you actually learn they’re more than just the iconic characters.

I downloaded the book on my phone for free from the app store. There are several books in the series- you can buy the book set on Amazon. The book actually isn’t very long, but there are a ton of details and I never got confused on the story itself, but I had to remember what was happening in the book when I stopped reading for the day/night.

The only tough part that could be hard to understand was the language between the 1900’s and now. It’s similar to the way Shakespeare wrote but not as confusing. The words back then are very, very similar to the ones now, so it isn’t super confusing.

The book allows the readers to see the movie in their head while reading, visualizing the story in my opinion really gives a good understanding about what’s happening in the story. I definitely recommend this book, I think it’s great for any age because it’s a story every age would love because it’s a happ story, and there aren’t any slow parts.

The Boy In The Striped Pajamas: Book Review

Welcome to the first book review on this blog!

Tonight I wanted to talk about the book The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. I think by the title you can get an idea of what it is about. I think it’s safe to say that your prediction is correct. This book is a holocaust themed story.

It’s about a young boy named Bruno and his family moving from Berlin, Germany to a house located near a concentration camp which his father became a commandant of. Throughout the book, Bruno befriends a young boy his age who is named Shmuel, a Jewish boy who is stuck in the concentration camp.

This b0ok was turned into a film back in 2008. I’ve seen the movie and I think it is one of those adaptations that is actually very similar to the book. It wasn’t missing any elements of the story. The movie received 7.8/10 on IMDB.

When I decided to read this book, it was right after I saw the movie in an English class. So going into the book I knew everything that would happen. The book is definitely more powerful and it gives emotion and really makes you think about this period in history and what these people went through.

I definitely recommend this book to any age, however I think really young readers might want to stay away from this depending on their age because it is a mature topic and can be sad and might be scary for young kids.

It still is very sad and it is important for us to teach the younger generations to know what happened so we don’t make these mistakes again.


You can buy the physical book at any book store, you can order it on eBay or amazon and you can get it on a kindle.