How to Create a Home Library!

Have you seen pictures of a home library? Are you someone who loves to be artsy and loves to read? Well, this page is for you!

I’ve seen so many pictures on Instagram and Tumblr and I’ve kind of fallen in love with this idea. My room itself is very small, my shelves in my closet is already full of stuff and I have this small, skinny place that I keep my books and CD’s in. I have about 15-20 books kept in this place and I hope to soon create a home library.

Now, you’re wondering, how do I create one? Well, it’s fully up to you, but when I helped my sister create a small home library we took out all her books from her closet and we took some of the books she reads most often and put them in a line, organizing the books by color.

Most important part about creating a home library is you MUST need a larger space. If you want just a basic library on your shelf, you can just look through your book collection and pick out several of the books that you love and read most often, or depending on how much space you have, you can take all your books out and stack them in an artsy way, organize them by author, color, or title based on alphabetical order.

If you have a lot of space and you want to make it more artsy, you can take all or some of your books and organize them in any way you want, you can go to a furniture store, or go to Target or Michael’s and get some small furniture figures and decorate your collection with these pieces. I’ve seen someone that had a small silver watering can and some fake sunflowers around their collection.

A tip that I like the idea of is to get one envelope and cover it with decorative stickers, duct tape or you can draw on it and tape it to the wall above or under your collection and stick bookmarks inside. If you are good with duct tape, you can create a pocket, I’m sure you can find a tutorial on YouTube.

I hope you guys liked this little fun idea, this is a fun idea for kids that like to organize, for anyone of any age because this can make your house or bedroom look really nice. I love to organize my books in any way I can.



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