To Kill A Mockingbird- Book Review:

Hey guys,

I am so sorry I haven’t been on this blog a lot, I’ve been busy as it is the holiday season. Today I decided that I should give my opinion on one book I just finished reading; To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

This book is considered a classic in American Literature, and I decided to read this book for the first time just for fun and not for a class. I personally feel like I should’ve waited for one of my literary classes to discuss the book first because this book in my opinion is super hard to follow, at least for me anyways.

I don’t want hate or negativity on this blog. I want everyone to respect opinions of others, this book don’t get me wrong is really good. I respect the book and I respect Harper Lee as a writer, I just feel like maybe I didn’t capture the full concept of the book. I think Lee includes a lot of details, but I think that the book overall is a metaphor and I just didn’t catch that.

Overall I recommend this book to anyone who wants to read it, this book is really good but I feel like this is one of the books where you have to constantly pay attention to it instead of reading it every other day like I do.

This book I would say is good for any age, as long as the person is mature. Remember the book takes place in the 40’s-50’s and they do say the ‘n word’ a lot because of the time setting.

Other than that, I think this book is great for any age, just make sure if you are younger that you show this page to your parents so they know what the book contains 🙂

Anyways, thank you for reading this blog and I promise to be more active! Thank you for taking the time to visit this blog, visit the “contact us” page if you want me to discuss a certain book! All of your personal information is anonymous, I have no interest (no offense) in knowing who you are or what your age is, I just want to have more options of what to write about!

Thank you so much!


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