Reading on a digital platform versus a physical book


Today I wanted to talk about something that can leave people with several different opinions; reading platform. Old school versus now. I like to read with a physical book in my hand but also I like to read on my digital platforms.

I think having a physical book in your hand can help you better when you have to flip back to a page, but if you hold it up in front of you instead of laying it down on a table, your hand can start hurting after a little bit, which happens to me all the time.

Sure, the same thing can happen to a phone or tablet, but phones and tablets can also be put in a gel or rubbery case which can be softer on your hand(s). Having it on a phone or tablet allows the font size to be bigger which alloows you to see it better and you can also invert the colors which can make the book app go black and white if you are visually impared.

On both platforms you can highlight and annotate your book, but when it comes to how much money you spend, actual books can be a lot cheaper. Books you can buy anywhere, and some places you can buy them pretty cheap. However, if you buy a reading device (kindle, nook) they can get very pricey, but the digital books can be cheaper.

If you have an iPhone and you download books from the App Store, you can get them at all different prices, I got some of the old classic books for free. It just depends on the book.

I think each platform has its pros and cons, some people prefer to have a physical copy of the book and some people prefer the digital form of the book. It just depends on your book. There also is a website called audible, where you can find books that you are reading and download it so you can hear someone else read it while you do other things. I don’t find this super helpful unless you are in class and instead of reading out-loud you just follow along.

I personally like having a physical copy of the book because I like having an at-home library. I think having an at-home library is great especially if you have a family that likes to read because the collection just grows and grows.

At the end of the day though, this is all based on what you guys prefer. I didn’t make this post to knock down the other option of reading because it all is the same thing and you get the same story out of both platforms.


I hope you guys enjoy this blog, if you want to read a fashion/beauty and a lifestyle blog, go check out my other blog: The Complicated Fashion .


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